This year's event will have two stages; the "main stage" and the "acoustic stage."  The acoustic stage performers will be playing 20-minute sets between performances on the main stage.  Keep in mind that music will be done by 9-930PM, so we will be starting at 2PM on the dot.  Plan on being here all day, dudes. Here are the bands!

(in no particular order)
MOVERS & SHAKERS - - This is going to be Movers & Shakers last show.  We can't think of a more appropriate way to go out than in our own back yard with all of our friends and neighbors having a blast in the summer sun.
COYOTE KOLB - - You know and love the rootsy awesomeness of these dudes.  A perfect fit for outdoor grilling and partying.
CREATUROS - facebook - Psychy-pop and a fun, danceable time.  Former members of Doomstar!, Ketman.
THE PROSELYTE - facebook - These guys will fill the requisite ear-ringing you've come to expect from a Starlab show.
DAN WEBB & THE SPIDERS - bandcamp - Mr. Webb fronts the most prolific melodic punk band in Boston, as well as being one of the faces behind the 'lab.
THE NEW HIGHWAY HYMNAL - facebook - "Somewhere between the elusive psychedelia of The Doors and the feedback drenched frenzy of Sonic Youth" nice.
COURTERS - facebook - The new kids on the block!

(also in no particular order)
JEFF ROWE - - What can one say about Jeff Rowe that hasn't already been said?  THE BEST DUDE.
TONY THE BOOKIE - - Somerville legend with great beard.
AMELIA EMMET - facebook - The lovely and talented frontwoman from Red Heroine and formerly Mr. Sister.
MAN ALIVE! - - "Man Alive!" is what you'll say while watching this group kill it outside on a summer day.
CIVIL WARBLERS - bandcamp - These guys win the award for Best Band Name at Starlabfest '12.
CASK MOUSEfacebook - Meandering the genres of country, folk, rock n’roll, rhythm and blues, gospel and soul.